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There are many reasons that can make you decide to take part in a Register Yoga Teacher Training; but i also consider the various Yoga Teachers as a secret society of Messengers that share their experience.

Messenger 1: Nataraja Lord Shiva

(The dancer) he who through dance moves the universe. This can be found in your local Register Yoga Teacher, with whom you have a long-standing and trusting relationship; the person who guided you during your first steps and whose class you wouldn’t dream of skipping (I’d rather not show up for a get together with my girlfriends than skip a class…)

Messenger 2: Surya the sun child Devanagari

It is the Yoga Teacher who travels the world, hosting congressional classes and spreading love amongst millions of Yoga Practitioners through his/her social profile

Six good reasons to take the Yoga TTC

Messenger 3: Marichi the Brahma Son

It could be the person next to you….the one on the bus…..the one you see every day but know nothing about; perhaps a colleague you’ve exchanged a few words with at work, but nothing more, or even the girl you always see in the back row of your class, she’s gained your attention because of the ease with which she seems to execute Asanas; I’m also thinking about the one I meet often at the supermarket in the produce department, she too only shops vegetarian…..…..she too could be a yoga teacher…..who knows!

Why become a Register Yoga Teacher

The Register Yoga Teacher Training Course encourage students to share their own and others’ experiences; sharing, leads to a rewarding training experience for everyone….ranging from psycho-physical states, injuries, levels of flexibility and their strengths…..will all become learning material and experience in the field.

Being able to help my classmate do and achieve her first headstand was one of the highlights of my training, over and above the individual achievement and that of the group, what I experienced in that particular moment confirmed what I knew I wanted to become.

You know that pose that you hoped your instructor would have skipped in class? Well, you don’t know this yet, but after completing the Yogamea Yoga Teacher Training Program you just may find that you actually love that pose. With the right training course you’ll get the correct alignment, make the right changes and soon the benefits will amaze you, making you reconsider your own limits and that of others.

Acquire new skills

If you already work in the sector, you need to accumulate training hours to add to your long list of “Eastern world” experiences…… and now you’ve decided to become self-employed…. Holding or not holding a RYT 200 certificate makes a considerable difference….. it will definitely give an added prestige to your CV. Once you’ve finished your training, you will officially have the opportunity to enrol in the Yoga Alliance of the United States and the United Kingdom, as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT – 200H). You’ll also have access to all the tips about starting up your own yoga school – marketing strategies for finding new students and getting added training hours. Becoming a Yoga Teacher today gives you the freedom to become self-employed and the flexibility to teach either locally or internationally.

Yoga has become global and you can become part of this important mission.

Find your Yoga family

If there is a very underrated advantage of the Register Yoga Teacher Training Course Program it is the yoga family that you will find and with which you will remain in contact even after many years of your last Shavasana together. As you deepen your physical and spiritual practice, you will also sustain the journey of a whole Life from Yogi; slowly and inexorably you will begin to form your small / large family of Yoga friends; a network of friends scattered throughout the Universe, made up of wonderful souls (very special people, let’s say unique), people like you:

The Yoga messengers.

Also I finished my first experience, I continued and still continues … to attend many of my fellow adventurers, I do not want to say that after the course, everyone will do like me, but surely many of you will have the stimulus and the desire, so when you too have finished your first course, it is very easy that the contagious enthusiasm of the Yoga World will leave you even more hungry; you will always be eager for new knowledge, but you will have the advantage of what you just learned and starting from your substantial solid base. I often go back to India, I go as far as possible to visit my teachers and my spiritual guides in Rishikesh and around the world I also visit my brothers and sisters, with whom I share feelings of mutual love, many they come to visit me in Italy, with everyone however we are constantly updating, thanks to technology, Yes, it is!! From that first experience my Yoga family was born, it was only the beginning of a great story of friendship, love and wonderful life, I leave with a deep gratitude. This will be unchanged forever !!

With your Register Yoga Teacher Training Course, you will have your own Yoga family, it will accompany you and grow with you … for a lifetime.

Challenge yourself mentally and physically

One of my favourite quotes is one that my Register Yoga Teacher taught me:

“As a beginner your mind is in a million pieces and your body is whole. As a master your body is in a million pieces and your mind is whole.” The more profound my physical practise through meditation, improving my chanting and Asanas, the more I became flexible, both physically and mentally. While continuing to challenge myself, adding extra hours of physical practise, I learned that Asanas are only one of eight parts of yoga. I started to explore all the others, developing a balanced and mindful lifestyle.

Explore your spirituality

I find that many people who deepen their yoga practise by taking a Register Yoga Teacher Training Course, all have a previously acquired deeply-rooted spiritual practise, and develop a mature understanding of the fact that we as individuals are all connected even if we share different beliefs. Yoga serves to calm the mind and tune into your true inner self. This awareness provides the means to live a more mindful life and to focus on what matters most.

One of the major benefits of the Register Yoga Teacher Training Course is self-discovery – having the time to focus on it and draw nearer to life, tackling it with a higher sense of awareness.

Become a Register Yoga Teacher

Once you’ve completed your training course you will be a Yoga Teacher, use this power to develop and build your own personal teaching style: unique, aware and authentic. Think of the Yoga teachers that have had a positive impact on your life, those who have left a mark, especially those who had the greatest impact because they were always there for you, and not only for their students but for people in general…… Those whom you can associate with being a perfect example of a charismatic leader. As a Yoga Teacher, you now have the opportunity to give back what you have received from the universe, not only to your students but also to those who may not have the same opportunities. You can work to increase your Karma Yoga by volunteering at centres for seniors, in prisons, primary schools and other community centres. Now that you have every reason to become a Yoga Teacher, you’ll find countless available options to complete your training. The scheduled YogaMea courses go from intensive 4 week Yoga teacher training classes to intensive Yoga retreats or others specifically set up for beginners.

For the Committed Yogi

I recommend a week-end Register Yoga Teacher training course which lasts from 6 – 9 months, and sometimes longer, suitable for those who cannot dedicate the entire week to the course. These courses are set up to allow students to apply their learning at home with friends and family during the training process. It also creates opportunities to connect with fellow students outside of class hours. Take note that for different reasons this particular program could cause you to experience concentration dips; I strongly recommend that you evaluate the program well……to make sure you’ll be able to attend all the classes.

For the Adventurous Yogi

If you’re reading this article most likely you’ve already heard about Rishikesh – considered the world capital of Yoga – and you probably know that India is the birthplace of Yoga, a westernised version of the original word “Yog” which in Sanskrit means “Union”I’m sure someone has already told you that once in your lifetime you should visit the place…….if you’re looking for a unique and adventurous training experience, I suggest, with all my heart, that you to do it in Rishikesh. I am more than willing to give advice and/or help should you need any. Please contact me through our website and I will be more than happy to help.

For the dedicated Yogi

When the holidays come round, between one work break and another, I know I have to dedicate time to consolidate my yoga teacher certification. A few years ago, between one of these breaks I decided to repeat the same training course at the same school in Rishikesh where I had completed my very first Register Yoga Teacher Training Course……after all I just wanted to improve and finish the course for the second time……I ended up signing up for the third…… My passion continued to grow stronger. I was so in love with India and its culture, richly embued with the Yoga philosophy, that soon I started frequenting the homes of my Indian friends, where I participated freely in their customs and traditions. I felt like one of them and I proudly still do. All things considered, I must acknowledge that I’ve acquired a lot since that first Yoga teacher training course: I gave myself a priceless gift, by far the most important choice of my life. Respect, love, esteem, friendship, pride, happiness, rationality, etc…… All wonderful words which I was familiar with before, but at that point I became much more aware of their meaning. Thanks to that first experience I was able to grow my awareness, eventually becoming one of their teacher trainers. Some years later, thanks to them and to a few dear friends, I opened my first Yoga school, specialising in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training …..YogaMea School Italy, which by the way will be your school…..if you decide to visit me. Consider your current schedule, lifestyle, learning style and location preferences to find the right program for you. Once you’ve decided, get ready for an intense learning experience, new friendships and lots of yoga!

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