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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Italy

The most complex yet informative yoga learning course is the 500-hour yoga teacher training course in Italy. Learning the techniques of yoga and mastering the posture requires a lot of time and dedication, the reason why this course runs for nearly two months. During this course, you will be discovering new ways to perform asanas, reading informative books not just related to yoga, but to become more disciplined and dedicated towards your profession, and communicating with others.

Becoming a teacher is far more difficult than becoming just a performer. To be a teacher, a person must possess the ability to transfer their gathered knowledge to someone else. Being targeting such skills, we allow our students to not just master yoga, but their teaching skills as well.

Creating a syllabus for such a high-end course is a challenging task but we have created an effective syllabus that covers all the major aspects of yoga. Starting with simple activities like meditation, the course will move forward towards performing complex traditional asanas and attaining some in-depth knowledge about the techniques.

In order to become a yoga teacher, you must be aware of everything related to yoga; be it different techniques or asana’s benefits. Our 500-hour yoga teacher training course allows the candidates to absorb the vast yoga knowledge to exterminate any doubt regarding yoga.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Italy

This course will let you know about the physiology of yoga, different postures, history, scientific explanation, meditation, and Ayurveda. Understanding such concepts not only helps in becoming a better yoga teacher but in the overall development of an individual.

Each candidate will get accommodation along with stay and extra services including WiFi, hot water, meals, tea, and other essential things. Satvik meals come from yogic literature and are associated with yoga for centuries. The vegetarian diet is known to make the eater more relaxed and dedicated to their goal of becoming a yoga practitioner and teacher. With different poses practice, their modification ideas, a better understanding of yogic history, and the guidance of excellent trainers, you are sure to get the highest level of yoga knowledge in the world.

All you have to do is stay disciplined towards yoga and clear the certification exams (written and practical) to get the certification. Keep practicing yoga and teach your students the benefits along with the unique modifications that you do with the postures for extended benefits.

Choose Date and Accommodation Type For 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Italy

Sunday 09 May 2021 - Saturday 05 June 2021 + Sunday 06 June 2021 - Saturday 03 July 2021
€ 4,380 – accommodation in a single classic room with A / C and private bathroom (only 3 rooms available)
€ 4,880 – accommodation in a shared classic room with A / C and shared bathroom
€ 5,680 – accommodation in a double classic room for single use with A / C and private bathroom
€ 6,080 – accommodation in a Superior double room for single use with A / C and private bathroom
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Sunday 06 June 2021 - Saturday 03 July 2021 (Beach) + Sunday 04 July 2021 - Saturday 31 July 2021 (Monastery)

€ 4,380 – accommodation in a single classic room with A / C and private bathroom (only 3 rooms available)
€ 4,880 – accommodation in a shared classic room with A / C and shared bathroom
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Sunday 29 August 2021 - 25 September 2021 (Monastery) + 26 September 2021 - 23 October 2021 (Beach)

€ 4,380 Shared Classic room
€ 4,880 Shared Classic room (single use)
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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Details

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Italy

A Day In The Life of 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Time Everyday
05.00 AM to 05.30 AM Wake Up
05.30 AM to 06.00 AM Kriya / Mantra Chanting
06:00 AM to 07:15 AM Pranayama / Meditation
07:15 AM to 08:45 AM Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow
08:45 AM to 09:15 AM Breakfast
09:30 AM to 10:30 AM Yoga Philosophy / Lifestyle / Ethic
10:30 AM to 11:45 PM Self-Study / Library @ Yoga Shala
11:45 AM to 12:00 PM Break
Time Everyday
12:00 PM to 13:00 PM Lunch
13:00 PM to 15:00 PM Self Group Practice/ Align, Adjustment & Assist
15:00 PM to 15:30 PM Break
15:30 PM to 18:30 PM Yoga Anatomy & Physiology/Hatha Yoga
18:30 PM to 19:45 PM Dynamic & Traditional Meditation / Yoga Nidra
19:45 PM to 20:45 PM DINNER
21:00 PM to 22:45 PM (Optional) Yoga Movie / Silent Meditation

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha & Ashtanga Style

The 500-hour yoga teacher training focuses on Hatha as well as Ashtanga yoga. Practicing Hatha yoga includes physical postures whereas Ashtanga yoga is about focusing on memory combining with physical exercises.

Practicing yoga regularly comes with innumerable benefits. Even though our 500-hour yoga teacher training course is designed specifically to make our candidates excellent teachers, its primary motive is to let everyone master yoga. No matter whether you want to become a yoga teacher or just want to learn this for your personal practicing, you can take this course to let your energy flow through your body with yoga.

Always remember that consistency is the key to mastering yoga. Even after completion of this course, you have to stay consistent in performing yoga asanas or else the body will take time to accept the changes while performing yoga. Completing this intense course will reward you with vast yoga knowledge along with a certification as proof of your expertise.

YogaMea School - Reviews

I'm very grateful to our teachers Timea and Tom for guiding us through our teacher training. They've always been available, attentive and creating lovely friendly atmosphere for the whole stay. I personally recommend YogaMea School

  • YogaMea School Review - Ainur Abdrakhmanova
  • Ainur Abdrakhmanova

Knowledgeable and experienced teachers rooted in the traditional indian sources. A perfect school to continue or start your journey into the secrets of the Yoga science. They will change your life for good! ...Thank you Yogamea and Namaste

  • YogaMea School Review - Giorgio Priveato
  • Giorgio Priveato

I have completed the YTTC at the Agonda Palace and it was definitely a great life experience, Timea is a fantastic instructor, everyone at the course was friendly, nice and amazing! I'd surely recommed this course to anyone who wants to learn and have a pleasant time as well!

  • YogaMea School Review - Kállay Anna
  • Kállay Anna
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