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Benefits of Jala Neti in Yoga – YogaMea School

Let’s say that the Benefits of Jala Neti in Yoga are many, that’s why during the Yoga Retreats, or the Yoga Teacher Training courses, we are doing every morning at YogaMea School,

offering to all our students regular practice of Jala Neti, with the help of special sterile plastic containers called “Neti pots”, This practice is very simple and absolutely non-invasive.

In fact, for many of them who adopt this practice, it is quite pleasant.

Benefits Jalaneti in the Yoga

How to prepare the saline solution for the Jala Neti

  • => A pot to boil water and make it sterile.
  • => Salt
  • => A thermos container to keep the temperature of the salt solution pleasant.

First of all, if you want to start to receive theBenefits of Jala Neti in Yoga, we have to get our container for practice, below we show you some representative images; You can buy your personal easily available online.

In the evening at home before going to bed, put on the fire 500 ml of water in a cooking pot, add a teaspoon of salt, boil everything, to make the solution sterile; pour everything into a thermo-maintainer like the travel ones, close everything so that the temperature remains warm;

The Benefits of Jala Neti in Yoga wi’ll comes in the early morning before starting your practice. First of all you have to check the temperature of the liquid solution is lukewarm and not dangerous for your nostrils, you can check by pouring some of the solution on the back of the hand, in this way we avoid burning the nostrils. With the passing of the days you can adjust the cooking time and rest period of the solution you have prepared, if it is too hot you can prepare it a few hours in advance.

Benefits of Jala Neti in Yoga of Jala Neti

This treatment helps to reduce any type of inflammation of the respiratory system. After few days of practice you’ll start to feel the Benefits of Jala Neti in Yoga. For thousands of years and even today, it was and is adopted by all the Yogis of the world, because it is an important part of the Shatkarma, favouring Pranayama practice. When performed consistently, this treatment helps to reduce inflammation of the respiratory system relieving, and sometimes eliminating, respiratory ailments. When undertaken as a habit you soon discover that Jala Neti improves the quality of one’s practice. It is a healthy action because it allows the body to naturally counteract sinusitis and colds.

Anyone can practice Jala Neti, as there are no documented contraindications. It is so safe that it is even suitable for children. When practiced consistently, it helps to reduce inflammation of the respiratory system, alleviating and sometimes eliminating respiratory ailments and common pains such as headaches.

How to prepare Jala Neti

To begin your practice and really enjoy the Benefits of Jala Neti in Yoga, so now place the beak of the “Neti pot” (special container) on one of the two nostrils, tilting your head to the opposite side, and thanks to gravity the liquid will enter the nostril and come out of the opposite nostril.

The practice is repeated several times from left to right, then from right to left. The liquid is an artisanal salt preparation and is a natural remedy against colds, sinusitis and headaches.

Eliminates all inflammation

This ancient personal cleansing technique helps to combat colds and is a valid preventive remedy to counteract general influenza and gastrointestinal viruses. Others benefits of Jala Neti include:

  • => acting as a protector of mucous membranes;
  • => preventive measure for viral infection (the cause of the common cold);
  • => eliminates bacteria, mold and airborne contaminants that cause colds and the flu;
  • => strengthens the immune system by fortifying the cells present in the nasal epithelium;
  • => aiding in the elimination of mucus.

Jala Neti practice is beneficial for those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS), and for people who have occupational rhinopathy. Occupational rhinitis is an inflammatory disease of the nose, which is characterized by intermittent or persistent symptoms (such as nasal congestion, sneezing, itching), and/or variable nasal airflow limitation and/or hyper-secretion due to causes and conditions attributable to a person’s work environment. Work environments that cause occupational rhinitis include street sweepers, garbage men, coach builders, ecological operators, bakers, carpenters, laborers, typographers, and any work place that contains dust or pollen. These environments subject the manual worker to a host of inflammatory pathologies. During YogaMea’s yoga teacher training courses and retreats, we create and hold the space for our students to experience the practice. Because students are experiencing Jala Neti frequently and daily, they observe the benefits of it in their own bodies. Additional benefits include:

  • => acting as a defense against allergic rhinitis;
  • => performing powerful cleansing benefits;
  • => ridding the nasal cavities of pollen and inhaled impurities;
  • => softening the crusts formed in nasal cavities, caused by the presence of arid air;
  • => restoring the natural moisture of the nasal passages.

People all over the world pay hefty amounts at spas to carry out this practice, better known as “nasal irrigation”. Rubber tubes are used instead but without the aid of gravity, using hydraulic pumps and machinery.

The system adopted by us and the majority of skilled specialists in the training of instructors, is completely free. All you need to experiment the Benefits of Jala Neti in Yoga, is to boil some water and add a little salt…..just wait for the water to be lukewarm and voilà, you’re done . You too will be ready to get your Benefits of Jala Neti in Yoga practice and completely on your own. But not before getting your “Neti Pot”, (easily available on the Internet)

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