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Affordable Yoga Retreats in Italy

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Come and join us, in Misano Adriatico at our Yogamea School Yoga Retreat on the beach this summer! Together with us you can energize your body and mind and undergo a transformation.

YogaMea is a registered Yoga school and if you choose to take part in one of our Yoga Retreats on the beach, it will help you become more flexible while also enhancing general physical health and strength. Yoga is also excellent to relieve your mind of everyday worries and stress.

By gaining an understanding of how to practice yoga on a regular basis, you will learn how to take greater care of yourself under the close supervision of our expert instructors. After years of experience, our Yoga retreat is specifically designed to help you relax and to liberate your mind from whatever is worrying you.

Affordable Yoga Retreat in Italy

As reported on WebMD.com, a large percentage (approximately 75%-90%) of visits to the doctor are stress related. Unfortunately, stress can be held responsible for uncountable ailments including skin complaints, migraines, heart problems, diabetes, asthma, anxiety, and depression. Why should you have to try and cope with these illnesses if we can help you to find a way to feel better?

All our retreats have been created to help relieve stress, and establish mental and physical balance, therefore enhancing creativity. The overall transformation that you will experience after participating in our Yoga Beach retreat will assist you in taking control of your life and well-being.

Due to our hectic and increasingly busy lifestyles, our own personal well-being is often put to one side and considered to be of little importance. However, studies have shown that dedicating time to looking after yourself is crucial if you want to carry on living a rewarding and healthy life.

Practicing yoga on the sandy beaches of Misano Adriatico in Italy, will relieve you from the stress of your usual tedious routine and bring you happiness and lightheartedness.

Exclusively for the Yogamea School Customers

During the whole high season and therefore the whole month of August, YogaMea School does not accept bookings for packages of less than 5 nights.

YogaMea School offers its guests a Yoga Retreat in Misano Adriatico, with Hotel Accommodation and Yoga on the beach.
Accommodation in Hotel in room with LCD TV, air conditioning, balcony and private bathroom.

Our Yoga packages include all the available Yoga activities of the day, three vegetarian meals, which alternatively can also be customized on request, obtaining the most flexible menu, which is always available and based on meat and fish. Please inform the reception if you wish to receive the personalized menu We also wish to inform you that differentiated packages are also available from this season:

  • 2 yoga sessions per day (90 min each)
  • 2 meditation sessions per week
  • 3 vegetarian meals per day
  • Unlimited water and tea
  • Free time for day trips and excursions
  • Free Wi-Fi

Additional services (extra fee)

  • Airport transfer
  • Pick up service from train station in Misano
  • Message
  • Organised Day trips
  • Bike hire
  • Beauty treatments

During your stay, you have the chance to explore the following subjects.

  • Mantra chanting, Ethics (yama and niyama)
  • Shat karma (Cleansing techniques)
  • Injury-minimizing techniques during Asana practice (Physical postures) Pranayama (Breathing practices)
  • Dhyana (Meditation)

Places to Visit:

  • San Marino Republic (1 hour by car)
  • Venice (3 hours and 45 min by train)
  • Florence (2 hours and 45 min by train)
  • Rome (4 hours by train)

Daily Schedule - Yoga Retreats in Italy

( Time & Activity )
Time Activity
07:45 Am - 08:30 Am Meditation Pranayama Mantra
08:30 Am - 09:45 Am Yoga Asana Practice
10:00 Am - 10:45 Am Breakfast
11:30 Am - 12:20 Pm Joining to the lectures about Yoga Anatomy or Yoga Philosophy /or explore the little towns and the nature around / or relax on the beach️️
12:30 Pm - 13:30 Pm Lunch ( Please let us know in time if you take your lunch out )
15:00 Pm - 15:45 Pm Joining to the lectures about Yoga Anatomy or Yoga Philosophy /or explore the little towns and the nature around / or relax on the beach️
16:00 Pm - 17:30 Pm Option to Joining to our Posture Clinic class
18.00 Pm -18:40 Pm Meditation , One Day Yes One Day No
19.00 Pm - 20.00 Pm Dinner

Yoga Retreats in Italy - Breathing Exercises, Meditation Techniques

( Optional Excursions: )

It is possible to organise various excursions including visits to nearby Medieval villages, local wine tours and sightseeing. Simply talk to us at YogaMea and let us know what you are interested in doing and we will do our best to arrange them for you (extra fee).

We are all aware that breathing properly helps to reduce stress and anxiety and contributes to our overall well-being. During your stay with YogaMea at our Beach Yoga Retreat you will learn to master the ancient breathing and meditation techniques in order to help relieve anxiety and stress. Furthermore, you will also learn the correct way to carry out different Asanas and postures to improve balance, strength and flexibility, these postures also help to ease aches and pains.

Having spent some time with us at our carefully thought out Yoga beach retreat in Italy, you will be able to go home equipped with the right instruments to carry on practicing in your own time. Whenever you may feel the need, you will be able to access the “calm of yoga” wherever you may be. The beach retreat organised by YogaMea school, proposes two Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga classes each day. Sessions during the morning are generally more dynamic and move along at a faster pace aimed to increase body strength; afternoon lessons are usually gentler and are practiced at a slower more relaxing pace.

To secure your place at our retreat we require a 50% deposit in advance. The outstanding balance must be paid on your arrival.

Yoga Retreat Price at Misano Adriatico - Italy 2024

( Per Day All Inclusive Price )
from 24 March to 8 June and from 7 September to 20 October New Public Prices
Triple Shared Room 80€
Single room (8 Sq meters) 95€
Double Room (Single use) 115€
from 9 June to 3 August and from 24 August to 6 Sept. New Public Prices
Triple Shared Room 100€
Single room (8 Sq meters) 120€
Double Room (Single use) 150€
from 4 August to 23 August

New Public Prices

Triple Shared Room 140€
Single room (8 Sq meters) 150€
Double Room (Single use) 200€

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