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50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Italy

Planning to make a career as a Yoga teacher in Italy? To become a great teacher, one must take training classes. Here we give the top tier yoga instructional meetings in Italy to help all the energetic yoga experts to become magnificent educators.

Getting the 50-hour yoga teacher training in Italy is the first step towards your successful career. Being an experienced trainer, we have prepared a great syllabus for the yoga session which includes mastering simple too complex asanas. Correcting the posture and techniques is part of our syllabus to make sure that each of our candidates become masters in their field.

To make things better for yourself, it is beneficial to get a little practice of yoga prior to getting the teacher training. Upon the completion of the 50-hour yoga teacher training course, you will receive a certification to begin your career as a professional yoga teacher.

To make your knowledge even better, sign up for 200-hour yoga alliance teacher training courses. Such courses have better syllabus and advanced yoga poses as well.

50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Italy

By dividing our Yoga teacher training course into four phases of one week each. It is none other than our regular RYT 200 hour course divided into four separate phases of 50 hours, each lasting one week. It is important to remember however when booking each phase of your course, that they coincide with one of our 200 Hour Teacher training courses already advertised

When Will 50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Start In Italy?

Sunday 09 May 2021 - Sunday 16 May 2021
€ 660 – Triple Sharing Accommodation
€ 738 - Single Classic Room
€ 859 – Double Classic (Single use)
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Sunday 06 June 2021 - Sunday 13 June 2021

€ 660 – Triple Sharing Accommodation
€ 738 - Single Classic Room
€ 859 – Double Classic (Single use)
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Sunday 26 Sep 2021 - Sunday 03 Oct 2021

€ 660 – Triple Sharing Accommodation
€ 738 - Single Classic Room
€ 859 – Double Classic (Single use)
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Overview - 50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Italy

50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Italy

Schedule - 50 Hours Yoga Teacher Training In Italy

Time Everyday
06.00 AM to 06.30 AM Wake Up and Herbal tea
06.30 AM to 07.00 AM Shatkarma / yogic cleansing
07.00 AM to 07.30 AM Pranayama and chanting
07.30 AM to 09.00 AM Yoga asana
09.15 AM to 10.00 AM Breakfast
10.30 AM to 11.30 AM Yoga anatomy
Time Everyday
11.30 AM to 13.00 PM Yoga philosophy
13.15 PM to 14.15 PM Lunch
17.00 PM to 18.30 PM Hatha yoga asanas practice
18.45 PM to 19.00 PM Pranayama & Asana class
19.15 PM to 20.30 PM Dinner
22.45 PM Lights out

50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha & Ashtanga Style

Everybody knows that yoga has its roots in India from where it originated. Here we provide the same type of yoga training that is provided in India with the same quality standards. Mastering yoga is a tedious task that requires sheer will and a lot of practice. Remember that training is an incredible part of turning a regular human into a yoga instructor. Here we try to furnish every one of our candidates with adequate practice so they could move their insight to their students.

The 50-hour Hatha and ashtanga yoga teacher training is an excellent opportunity to fulfill the dream of becoming a yoga teacher and become one with your spiritual side. Yoga asanas are known to be helpful in generating spiritual energy within the body that ultimately fulfills the soul with motivation and inner power. In this training, you will be performing all those asanas with the right technique to attain balance in your body.

Diet plays a significant role in the overall development of an individual. During this course, you will put on a special yogic diet that will support your spiritual as well as physical development. After performing yoga and following the guidelines of yoga gurus, you will feel a drastic change in your body. You will become more patient and disciplined after completing this course. The theoretical knowledge combined with physical practice will ensure that you get the right way of the asanas and the techniques through which you can transfer your knowledge to your students.

YogaMea School - Reviews

I'm very grateful to our teachers Timea and Tom for guiding us through our teacher training. They've always been available, attentive and creating lovely friendly atmosphere for the whole stay. I personally recommend YogaMea School

  • YogaMea School Review - Ainur Abdrakhmanova
  • Ainur Abdrakhmanova

Knowledgeable and experienced teachers rooted in the traditional indian sources. A perfect school to continue or start your journey into the secrets of the Yoga science. They will change your life for good! ...Thank you Yogamea and Namaste

  • YogaMea School Review - Giorgio Priveato
  • Giorgio Priveato

I have completed the YTTC at the Agonda Palace and it was definitely a great life experience, Timea is a fantastic instructor, everyone at the course was friendly, nice and amazing! I'd surely recommed this course to anyone who wants to learn and have a pleasant time as well!

  • YogaMea School Review - Kállay Anna
  • Kállay Anna
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