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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Online & Onsite in Italy
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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Online & Onsite in Italy

( 100 Online + 100 Onsite )

Become a RYT 200 Certified Yoga Teacher Choose from Italy or India. The course is certified and recognized by the Yoga Alliance of the United States of America and the C.O.N.I.

200 Hours 100 + 100 Hours of Training Course in two phases: The first part is online and then you can join us in Misano Adriatico, check the available dates for this summer 2023, you can choose from 3 different periods, and 3 RYT 200-hour programs

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in  Italy, 100 Hour Online + 100 Hour Onsite
YogaMea Online Yoga Classes in  Italy

It is a normal program for training instructors, but in this case the program is divided into two different phases of study:

( The course that takes the technical term of 100 + 100 Hour, It is none other than 200 hours divided into 2 separated parts )

  • We have designed and adapted: it for all those who do not have much time, or who for many reasons struggle to be absent from their everyday life, for such an important period of time, such as the required 28 days, 4 weeks, otherwise all to follow in first person. Dividing it into two phases is an idea that not only reduces the commitment of people in the field, but also saves time and money.
  • Studying from home is priceless: From wherever you want, you can assimilate all the information of the first 100 hours of the Yoga for Teachers course, from the place you prefer: home, hotel, office, your garden… wherever you are, wherever you want…
  • Easily manage all Live sessions: You can do it from your PC or smartphone Book your personal teacher and with the help of the interface choose times and dates electronically from the Online Calendar
  • Always at your disposal: Over 100 videos, to watch and review as many times as you want, school materials to download, such as handout books and useful files for studying.
  • A direct line to your teacher: Before, during and after the course, you will always have the same teacher following you from home, you will meet him physically in the course, who will accompany you up to the certification.

The first (100 Hour) Online from home, on the platform

YogaMea School Online at Home
YogaMea Online Yoga Classes at Home


The online training course is identical to the one we offer in person, especially for the subjects covered and for programming.
The second and final part" consists of the remaining 100 hours, (2 weeks in presence) which includes exams and certification, to be followed in person at one of our Yoga Centers

The second part (100 hours)

( is also the last, with exams and certification, to be followed in person at one of our offices. )

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Italy
100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Italy

Your teacher will always be the same :

He pr she.. will follow you with online study from home, then also at school, where you will meet in person, thanks to your commitment and the precious support, you will be able to complete the 100 hours you are missing.

RYT 200 Hour Yoga Package Combined with the Italian Yoga Center

( Course Fee )
Location Course type Start Date End Date Shared Triple Single Room (8sq mt) Double (Single Use)
Misano Low season 100 Online + 100 Onsite 07/05/2023 20/05/2023 €1,800 €2,090 €2,220
Misano Mid season 100 Online + 100 Onsite 09/07/2023 22/07/2023 €2,040 €2,390 €2,500
Misano Low Season 100 Online + 100 Onsite 10/09/2023 23/09/2023 €1,800 €2,090 €2,220

Join & Book with us

Ready to be a Yoga Teacher?

How does it Work

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Registeration

After creating your account on the educational platform hosting the course, you get instant access to all the contents of the first 100 hours of the RYT 200 Hours Certified Yoga instructor Course

Easy and intuitive, it allows you to manage appointments with your teacher, live sessions and do it from any type of device; PCs, tablets. or smartphones

Over 100 videos, to be watched and reviewed endlessly, books, and lots of material in pdf, tutorials, external links, live classes and everything with unlimited access.

May or September In Italy, choose your second phase

Misano Adriatico: a small, very quiet seaside town, it is recognized as an excellent holiday destination for those who love the sea and sport, here there are hundreds of events and initiatives related to sport, here the YogaMea school has been present since 2013 with a really interesting location a few meters from the beaches

Available dates :
( “From 7 to 21 May 2023” * “From 10 to 23 September 2023” )

Yoga Teacher Training Activity
YogaMea Lunch & Dinner
Yoga Teacher Training Activity
YogaMea Lunch & Dinner
YogaMea Lunch & Dinner

( Location - Misano Adriatico, Rimini, Italy )

RYT 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

Package combined with Italy, 100 + 100 (100 hours online and 100 hours in attendance)

  • Course cost Online + In presence at Misano Adriatico With accommodation in a shared room = € 1,800
  • Course cost Online + In presence at Misano Adriatico With accommodation in a double room (private use) = € 2,200

What's included:

  • Accesso illimitato alla piattaforma e a tutti i contenuti delle prime 100 ore Online
  • Unlimited access to the platform and to all contents of the first 100 hours Online
  • Over 100 videos available
  • Constant support
  • Live lessons
  • Manuals
  • Book Pdf
  • Course in presence 15 days and 14 nights
  • Full Board Stay
  • Teaching materials
  • Weekly cleaning service
  • Free use of washing machine
  • Three meals a day
  • Unlimited water and herbal teas
  • Certification
  • After your certification, you will receive the remaining 100 Online hours of the course for free

Early bird promotion:

If you pay everything today, you save 10% In case of impossibility to participate in the course in the presence of 14 days, you will have 2 years to change and access one of the courses of equal value available in the YogaMea calendar

This promo will Expires 04/31/2023:

As soon as you register for the course, you will receive access to our online platform From where you can immediately start watching its contents, book your first Live by interacting with us

Video lessons, tutorials, live lessons on zoom, Asana, Mantra, Philosophy, anatomy, physiology, manual, books and everything with unlimited private access All the time you need to study, without pressure;

At the end of this first phase as a domestic student and when you are ready... you will be able to continue your training as a Yoga teacher, directly in person, at one of our Yoga centers.

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