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Yoga Teacher Training at YogaMea School in Italy & India
Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course
4 Reasons to Join Online Yoga TTC

Now there is no need to leave the comfort of your home, if you are planning to begin your journey as a Yoga Instructor or looking for a way to ace your Yoga practice, Online Yoga Teacher Training course 2021 with Yogamea School is one ideal option for you.

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7 Reasons for Men to Practice Yoga - YogaMea School
6 reasons for men to practice yoga

When people start yoga, they don't really know what they're getting into, "But it has such a powerful effect on their minds, bodies, and hearts that they want to link up with other people who are having a similar experience.

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Benifit of jala Neti in Yoga
Benefits of jala neti in yoga

The primary mission of the Yogamea is to deepen your physical practice, acquire new skills, find your Yoga family, challenge yourself mentally and physically and explore your spirituality, Become a Register Yoga Teacher

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Six Good Reason to Take Yoga - YogaMea School
Six good reasons to take the Yoga TTC

There are many reasons that can make you decide to take part in a Yoga teacher training course; but I also consider the various teachers of Yoga as a secret society of Messengers who share their experience.

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Importance of Yoga Diet - YogaMea School
Importance of Diet in Yoga

Those who practice yoga are aware that this philosophy is not only associated with meditation and asana techniques to achieve a good psycho-physical balance that favors the body, mind and soul.

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Beat Stress through Yoga
How to Beat Stress Through Yoga

Catch up on the latest yoga news, upcoming events, and yoga trends. Plus get inspiring tips, pose instruction from top yoga teachers, and explore the best in yoga apparel all right here, on our yoga blog.

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Yoga for Man - YogaMea School
Yoga for Man

The opinion expressed in our society is that yoga is only for women or mainly for women. Once a man understands the benefits of practicing yoga, he realizes that yoga is excellent for the male world

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Importance of Yoga - YogaMea School
Importance of Yoga in Daily Practice

What people lack the most nowadays is time, everyone is in a rush and has a million things to do everyday and becomes ever so difficult to dedicate the desired time to the practice of Yoga.

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