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Yoga Teacher Training at YogaMea School in Italy Monastery

Yoga Retreats In Italy Monastery

Celebrate with us the arrival of summer with a super detox holiday to immerse yourself in nature: Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Mantras, Music, good Italian cuisine, discussions on the philosophy of Yoga in front of the fire, long walks, massages, Mountain bike, horseback riding, a good book and much more.

Next summer, join us at the YogaMea School at our Yoga Retreat Monastery in Frontino, Italy to activate your whole body and experience a transformation. YogaMea School is a school recognized by the Yoga Alliance and C.O.N.I. ( Italian National Olympic Committee)

Meditation will help you develop your body and mind into well-balanced health releasing all accumulated negative energies into nature. According to WebMD.com, between 75% and 90% of the pathologies found by doctors are related to disorders caused by stress that can cause: headaches, hypertension, heart problems, diabetes, skin diseases, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety (just to name a few). In this wonderful convent surrounded by nature, we at YogaMea School, offer you the oldest and most natural known therapy.

Yoga and Meditation Retreats at the Monastery

Our Yoga and Meditation Retreats at the Monastery of San Girolamo di Frontino are designed and implemented by a team of experts, instructors who continue to study the age-old science called Yoga. Our Yoga and Meditation Retreats are suitable for any level of knowledge, we will help you relax your body and mind.

Our Yoga and Meditation retreats are perfect for regaining our Vital energy, with a consequent increase in the power of concentration and creativity. The YogaMea school with the formula "Arrive and leave when you want" offers everyone the opportunity to organize themselves better to participate in the perfect Yoga and Meditation retreat.

In this way you can come and relax with us, staying as long as you want, choosing from the dates that best suit your ideal Yoga holiday. You will be accompanied into meditation and Yoga sessions guided by our expert Yoga instructors with all their experience gained over years of theoretical and practical training who are able to support any level: from beginners to the more advanced.

Yoga Retreat Price 2022 (per night all inclusive) at Monastery of San Girolamo - Italy

From the 26th of June to the 4th of July (Low Season)
€ 70 Shared Classic Room (Max 3 people)
€ 105 Classic Room (For single use
€ 180 Shared Monastic Room (Max 2 people)
€ 135 Monastic Room (For single use)
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From 4th July to 9th August (Mid Season)
€ 90 Shared Classic Room (Max 3 people)
€ 135 Classic Room (For single use
€ 240 Shared Monastic Room (Max 2 people)
€ 180 Monastic Room (For single use)
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From Aug 10 - till 28 of Aug. (High Season)
€ 90 Shared Classic Room (Max 3 people)
€ 135 Classic Room (For single use
€ 240 Shared Monastic Room (Max 2 people)
€ 180 Monastic Room (For single use)
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Yoga Retreats at the Monastery of San Girolamo "Frontino"

Yoga Holiday and Meditation Retreats at the Italian Monastery

Schedule - Yoga Retreat at the Monastery of San Girolamo "Frontino"

Time Everyday
7:30 AM Ashtanga Yoga class
9:00 AM Breakfast
10 AM Karma Yoga
10:30 AM Philosophy class
01:00 PM Lunch
03:00 PM Self Practice
05:00 PM Hatha Yoga class
07:00 PM Dinner
08:00 PM Relax Yoga (Yin Yoga)
08:30 PM Meditation

Together with the continuous and transformative Yoga activities and meditation we also find the time for group walks, or if you prefer a walk on your own, to read a book in the garden. There is also time to enjoy a great massage. On Sunday there are no lessons, however it is always possible to make use of the space available to you to practice alone. Furthermore it is also possible to book a private “one to one” Yoga lesson.

On Sunday there are various day trips on offer for you to choose from, to be evaluated nearer the time depending on numbers and popular demand. In just over 30 minutes you can reach the city of Urbino or on the opposite side you can reach the San Marino Republic where it is possible to visit the cell of Cagliostro inside the San Leo castle. If you prefer, you can go for a walk by the sea at one of the nearby coastal resorts.

Meeting up with our guests at the YogaMea School on the beach is one of the favourite activities of our other guests staying at the Monastery in Frontino, it not only allows us to make new acquaintances but also gives us the chance to spend a day on the beach in Misano Adriatico.

Among the many activities on offer we would like to highlight the “ E - Bike” a fantastic form of transport with it’s assisted pedalling which allows us to take part on unforgettable excursions surrounded by nature, exploring mountain passes and forest pathways without too much effort. In the same way horse riding trips are also very popular, in fact there are various excursions to choose from enabling you to reach the hills of Montefeltro, an amazing experience together with these magnificent animals, man and nature’s friend.

We will give you canvases to paint the subjects of your choice, to bring out the Raffaello in you, the best canvas will be rewarded with a 3-day stay to choose between our 3 YogaMea centres, either in Italy or India.

And if you prefer the "sweetness of doing nothing" and you want to be lazy all the time, you can do it! ... no problem. All the activities offered by YogaMea school are of an excellent level, but they are not obligatory (except for Karma Yoga). Therefore, even if you are on vacation, we want to see growth of the Yogic spirit and group activities are an integral part of our Yoga Retreat. In order to participate in the minimum age is 18. Minors are welcome, but only if accompanied by a responsible adult.

Information on Retreats and Training Programs

Yoga Retreats in Italy - Breathing Exercises, Meditation Techniques

Every morning we offer you a Hatha Yoga lesson. Each lesson lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes can be demanding, but absolutely accessible to everyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert yogi. By being in tune with your body, your transformation will begin, right here with YogaMea school, at the Monastery of San Girolamo; in just a few days under the expert guidance of our Yoga Masters, you will receive the maximum benefit. Positions "Asana" yoga, Pranayama "breathing exercises", yoga meditation and chanted Mantra. The philosophy of yoga focuses not only on a deep contact with your body, but on the whole "Mind body and spirit".

During your retreat and wellness stay with YogaMea School, you will have the opportunity to take part in different meditation sessions and Yoga Nidra sessions; if you have never tried them, you will discover the gentleness and the unique feeling of participating in them. Meditation of silence and of sound, the singing of mantras in Sanskrit and in movement, in an upright position and then seated. Visualization and attention on the perceptions of your body. All meditations have their own effect, but all lead to a single final goal: to live knowingly and with great tranquility. You have the opportunity to do all this and more, the choice is yours.

How to Reach - Yoga Retreat in Italy

By Car

Arriving by Air

By Taxi: (Optional with fee)

YogaMea School - Reviews

I'm very grateful to our teachers Timea and Tom for guiding us through our teacher training. They've always been available, attentive and creating lovely friendly atmosphere for the whole stay. I personally recommend YogaMea School

  • YogaMea School Review - Ainur Abdrakhmanova
  • Ainur Abdrakhmanova

Knowledgeable and experienced teachers rooted in the traditional indian sources. A perfect school to continue or start your journey into the secrets of the Yoga science. They will change your life for good! ...Thank you Yogamea and Namaste

  • YogaMea School Review - Giorgio Priveato
  • Giorgio Priveato

I have completed the YTTC at the Agonda Palace and it was definitely a great life experience, Timea is a fantastic instructor, everyone at the course was friendly, nice and amazing! I'd surely recommed this course to anyone who wants to learn and have a pleasant time as well!

  • YogaMea School Review - Kállay Anna
  • Kállay Anna
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